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Edith’s Checkerspot
Euphydryas editha

Edith's Checkerspot colonies appear have declined in numbers in Monterey County during the drought years of 2012-2021.  Repeated visits to a few well-known sites have found few or no flying adults.  

Low-elevation grassland populations in the southeast between Priest Valley and Parkfield fly earlier (Mar-Apr) than the higher elevation chaparral populations in the Santa Lucias and at Pinnacles National Park (May-June).  



Survey Results

Long Canyon, 5/18/23:  up to 5 flying near canyon mouth along Carmel Valley Rd.; 6/2/23: two flying on Hastings count

Recommended sites

- summit of Highway 198 west of Priest Valley - search open grassy areas south of highway in March

- east Carmel Valley Rd at Long Canyon - often fly across mouth of canyon in good years (Apr-May)

- upper Pine Cyn Rd. west of King City - last half-mile of dirt road before locked gate

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