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Clemence's Blue
Icaricia monticola

Clemence's Blue is still something of a mystery in Monterey County.  The only area with regular, multiple sightings is mostly in San Benito County, at Pinnacles National Park.  There are also confirmed sightings along interior Carmel Valley road and near Parkfield, but these are records of single individuals, not a breeding population.  

Is the species just exceptionally rare, or does much of the difficulty reside in ID confusion with Acmon Blue Icaricia acmon?   To help answer that question, we propose annual surveys of appropriate habit in May-June.



Survey Results

May 14, 2023:  Parkfield Road none seen; Chris Tenney; access to buckwheat habitat very difficult, with reinforced fencing along much of that habitat

Recommended sites

Parkfield Grade Road: search California buckwheat habitat

Pinnacles National Park:  search entrance road in May-June


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