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Great Blue Hairstreak
Atlides halesus

Though seemingly rare, the Great Blue Hairstreak is likely more common than realized.  It hosts on mistletoe, primarily in oak woodland, but also in other woodland types (Shapiro and Manolis 2007), and thus may be found nearly anywhere in the county, including hilltops.  Its preference for woodland canopy contributes to the infrequent sightings.

In the absence of known colonies, systematic surveys are not planned at this time.  Therefore we report here only casual sightings.

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Recent Sightings:

June 4 2022:  North Chalone Peak, very worn male

Sept. 15: upper Parkfield-Coalinga rd - 5 nectaring on nude buckwheat, 1 on rabbitbrush at lower end of grade

Recommended sites

mostly serendipitous nearly anywhere in county, though Carmel Valley Rd. has had several sightings

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