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Marina Blue E. e. arenacola


Dotted Blue Euphilotes enoptes

Two subspecies of Dotted Blue are currently federally listed as Endangered: Smith's Blue (E. e. smithi) and Marina Blue (E. e. arenacola).  Both fly in coastal Monterey County, from the Salinas river mouth south to about Nacimiento Road.  

We will monitor the rarest of these subspecies - Marina Blue - limited in range to the coastal zone just west of Marina, where it hosts on Eriogonum parvifolium.  Smith's Blue is much more common and widespread, and data from annual butterfly counts suggest its population is stable and in good numbers.

Smith's Blue E. e. smithi



Survey Results

none planned until May 2024

Recommended sites

Priest Valley area: possible upslope along Lewis Creek, especially if private property can be accessed


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