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Western Pine Elfin 
Callophrys eryphon

Though never common, sightings of this species occur most years somewhere in the pine forests of the Monterey Peninsula.  These forests are seldom visited by butterfly observers.  

We will survey at least 3 known sites:  upper Jack's Peak SP, along the ridge; Hatton Canyon; and trails in the SFB Botanical Preserve in Pebble Beach

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Survey Results

Mar-Apr 2024:  Numerous trips to known sites found no pine elfins, but they are possible into May

May 5 2022:  SFB Preserve - 1 seen; Chris Tenney

April 8 2021:  SFB Preserve - 1 seen; Chris Tenney and Jan Austin

Recommended sites

Priest Valley area: possible upslope along Lewis Creek, especially if private property can be accessed


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