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Funereal Duskywing  
Erynnis funeralis

Most of the rare sightings are serendipitous, usually in June on the Monterey or Hastings butterfly counts.  The species appears to be fairly common from San Luis Obispo Co. south, which suggests its presence in Monterey County may be limited to a few small clusters at the northern limits of its range.  


 Mis-identifications are also likely.  Males are very similar to male Mournful Duskywings, and may require net capture to verify ID by ventral hindwing markings (see the field guide).



Survey Results

none in 2023

Recommended sites

East Carmel Valley Road -  try along the creek near the Piney Creek campground turnoff, and from here to the south and east; creek access is difficult to the north and west

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