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NABA Butterfly Counts in Monterey County

There are currently four annual NABA (North American Butterfly Association) butterfly counts in Monterey County. Each count encompasses a circular area 15 miles in diameter, non-overlapping with other counts, and strategically placed for easy access and quality habitat. ​


These counts are scheduled for early to mid-June, generally the best season in central California for late spring and early summer flights of adult butterflies.  Counts are dependent on volunteers, and each count has a core of regulars, supplemented most years by semi-regulars and visitors.  ​The remote Big Creek and Hastings counts are most in need of volunteer counters.  The Monterey and Pinnacles counts are more accessible and thus have a larger core of regular volunteers. ​


Interested in volunteering for one or more of these counts? Contact us by phone or email, or refer back to this website in late winter-spring when the new season counts have been scheduled.


2024 Count Dates
Pinnacles - June 2
UC Big Creek Reserve - June 7
UC Hastings Reserve - June 8
Monterey - June 9

Butterfly Count Results 2010-2023

Follow the links below to view results for all four Monterey counts.  The following data will be online in October 2023:

- group totals for the most recent annual count

- a summary of years 2010-2023 (Monterey Count only)

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