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Moss’ Elfin 
Callophrys mossii

Many older field guides suggest a flight time for Moss' Elfin from Feb-Apr, however our coastal race has never been observed flying before April, and often lingers into early June, when it has been counted on both the Monterey and Big Creek butterfly counts.

The most accessible and reliable site is at Partington Canyon on Coast Highway One, about 15 miles south of Andrew Molera SP.  We plan to conduct annual surveys here beginning in Feb, for both this species and Sonoran Blue.

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Recent Results

no surveys in 2023

Recommended sites

Partington Cyn - park on either side of Hwy 1 at the canyon where the creek crosses the road;  the upslope side of the road is best; first try the trail, usually marked by a sign; sometimes adults perch on the vegetation, just a short distance up the trail.  If you reach a small bridge, you've gone too far; next, explore the shrubby area on the other side of the canyon - hop the guard rail along Hwy 1 and look for a faint trail; adults could be flying anywhere in this area, often fairly close to the Hwy

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