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Muir’s Juniper Hairstreak 
Callophrys muiri

One known colony in the Santa Lucia Range on the South Coast ridge road, where it hosts in a large stand of Sargent's Cypress; one sighting (2011) in junipers on the Parkfield Grade above Parkfield.  

The colony on South Coast Ridge road is remote, but accessible by high clearance vehicle on the generally good forest service road.  In the Diablo range near Parkfield, junipers are widespread, and don't grow in close stands.  

Survey efforts will be concentrated on South Coast Ridge Road, probably best in early to mid-May.  

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Recent Results

no recent surveys - south coast ridge rd. was closed in 2023

Recommended sites

South Coast Ridge Rd. - : a lengthy drive south along the ridge for 10+ miles (the exact distance is not known at this time); continue past the turn that heads west to Lions Den, and search a large stand of Sargent's Cypress along the roadway.  In 2016 several were nectaring near this stand on yerba santa.  


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