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Two types of butterfly surveys are scheduled on a regular basis, beginning October 2023:


Monthly surveys

Butterflies fly all year in coastal locations, where winter temperatures are moderated by warm ocean waters (relative to inland temperatures).  Butterfly numbers will be monitored monthly at the following sites, selected for ease of access and proximity to survey teams:

Hatton Canyon - 1.5 mi. unpaved (mostly) road near the junction of Hwy One and Carmel Valley Rd.

Soberanes Creek about 4.5 mi south of Pt. Lobos, and just off Hwy One, a trailhead follows a 1.5 mi. canyon

Partington Canyon - 1.0 mi. total, trail and fire road, along Hwy One, 36 mi (1 hour) south of Carmel

Garland Ranch River Trail - at 12 miles inland from Carmel, this is not a coastal site, though it is influenced by coastal fog and wind on many days; we survey the River Trail from near Garzas Creek to Dampierre Park

Pine Canyon Rd. - a 5 mi. paved and unpaved road starting at Jolon Rd. Jct. just west of King City; survey the entire road slowly by car, stopping when necessary to ID species or investigate activity. 


Breeding Surveys

Rare species  starting in 2024, will be monitored during each species' peak flight season to track annual changes in numbers; some surveys may need to be repeated; all butterfly species will be counted.  

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