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Spring White
Pontia sisymbrii

This high elevation, early-spring mountain species apparently resides only along the Gabilan crest in east Monterey County.  Much of this landscape is private property; at this time, the only known localities for this species are in Pinnacles National Park, where it is often seen, on good weather days in March-April, in the Chalone Peaks area.  Pinnacles Ranger Paul Johnson has found its host plants on the east side in San Benito County.


Numerous searches for this species at other access points - Fremont Peak State Park, Gloria Road, and Highway 198 - have been unsuccessful. 

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Recent Results

June 4 2023:  North Chalone Peak, no whites; normally not expected at this late date, but spring was late this year

May 16 2023:  Parkfield crest and Hghway 198; no whites

April 28 2023: Parkfield crest; no whites

Recommended sites

 Priest Valley area: possible upslope along Lewis Creek, especially if private property can be accessed

 - Pinnacles National Park - the west side of the ridge is in Monterey County


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